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Centrifuges.com specializes in complete range of Basic and High end Centrifuges and their accessories, used in diverse fields ranging from academic & scientific research to industrial, medical & other R&D applications. The efficiency and productivity levels set by us has created new and critical standards for our competitors on the lines of Quality, Reliability and Cost effectiveness. Fueled by the desire to be a leading player in the global market, we are geared to meet the global challenges with total commitment & dedication.


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Ultra CentrifugeUltra Centrifuge
  • Biocontainment-Individually sealed tube holder option.
  • Carbon fiber-not corroded by laboratory chemicals, less frequently needed for replacement.
  • Saves time-faster acceleration and deceleration, shorter run time.
  • Light weight-less wear in centrifuge driver, easier to lift and handle than comparable metal motors.
  • 5-year waranty for motors.

High Speed Centrifuge High Speed Centrifuge
  • Microprocessor control
  • Digital display of RPM, RCF, Temperature, Temp limit, Program, Brake and time
  • Extensive choice of versatile rotors.
  • Maintenance-free, quiet and brushless AC induction motor.
  • 10 program storage and recall.

Micro High Speed Centrifuge Micro High Speed Centrifuge
  • Microprocessor control.
  • Digital display of  RPM, RCF, time and program.
  • Maintenance-free, noiseless, and brushless AC induction motor..
  • Positive action brake system..
  • Set conditions can be changed while spinning.

Large Capacity Centrifuge Large Capacity Centrifuge
  • Maximum RPM - 6,000rpm
  • Maximum RCF - 9,660 x g
  • Maximum Capacity - 6 x 1000ml
  • Door System - Auto Door On/Off System
  • Speed present and Display - 1 rpm

Large Capacity Centrifuge Multi Purpose Centrifuge
  • One-chip microprocessor control.
  • Extensive applications using versatile fixed angle rotors, swing bucket, Vertical and zonal continous flow rotors.
  • Display and control RCF.
  • Integral running.
  • Gentle start-up and braking: ten acceleration/deceleration profiles

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