Autopsy Table KAT-A100


KAT-A100 is ± 35° horizontal rotation examination table consisting of 3 removable sideboard table with holes. Equipped with Infrared sensor faucet with manual faucet providing easy adjustment of hot and cold water temperature. Features table water curtain device which flushes dirt automatically, preventing contamination. Integrated crusher for crushing broken tissues, small bones after dissection.

  • - Double deck structure
  • - Material - Stainless steel ( anti corrosive )
  • - Mesa arc-shaped inner connection (easy cleaning)
  • - Measurement scale on operating table
  • - Integrated mobile sprinkler for continuous cleansing
  • - Removable disk for organ placement
  • - Waterproof power socket ensures user safety
  • - Stable and reliable on lift
  • - Exhaust system safeguards against toxic gas
Table rotation Horizontal ± 35 °
Trays 3 (removable)
Sink 2 faucet (sensor and manual)
Material Stainless steel (compression molding technique)
Structure Double deck
Exhaust system Negative pressure ventilation mode
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 250 x 78 x 75 mm

Used in forensic science, anatomical lab, hospital pathology lab, for performing human and animal autopsy

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