Automatic decapping centrifuge DC100Automatic decapping centrifuge DC100

Automatic decapping centrifuge DC100

Automatic decapping centrifuge DC100 is an automated table top centrifuge with a speed range of 4000 rpm for efficient blood collection. Features automated decapping of tubes with lengths of 75 mm and 100 mm. It prevents aerosol generation and repetitive stress injury. Built-in feature for automated calculation of RCF value. Built-in damping set for releasing the vibrations. Electronic interlock protects the unit from unwanted interruptions during the operation.

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Maximum speed 4000 rpm
Maximum RCF 2980 g
Maximum tubes 32 pcs (Ф13 x 75 / 100 mm)
Speed accuracy ± 30 rpm
Timer range 1 sec to 99 min 59 sec
Noise ≤ 65 dB
Power 370 W
Power supply AC 220 V ± 22 V 50 Hz 5A
Dimension ( W x D x H ) 470 x 560 x 380 mm
Weight 38 kgs

  • LCD display for visual monitoring of speed and RCF
  • Automated decapping of centrifuges
  • Automated calculation of RCF values
  • In built damping set for vibration release
  • Electronic interlock safety

Rotor Name Maximum speed ( rpm ) Maximum capacity ( ml ) Maximum RCF x g
R1 4000 rpm 32 pieces ( Ф 13 x 75 / 100 mm) 2980 g
Adapter Name Adapter Capacity
A1 Ф 13 x 75 / 100 mm
Used in blood collection for hospitals, caps has to be opened by hand after centrifugation, it affects the centrifugation efficiency
Accessory No Accessory
1 Tube Hanger

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