Clinical centrifuge CL101Clinical centrifuge CL101

Clinical centrifuge CL101

Clinical centrifuge CL101 is an automated low speed centrifuge with speed range of 300 rpm ~ 4500 rpm to achieve accurate and excellent performance. Dynamic balancing mechanism ensures stability during cycles. Run-time can be adjusted between 30 s to 99 mins or continuous running. Automated door interlock design signals on completion inhibiting overheating of samples.

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Speed range 300 rpm ~ 4500 rpm
Maximum RCF 2490 ×g
Speed accuracy ± 20 rpm
Time range 30 s ~ 99 mins / Continuous operation
Speed increment 100 rpm
Maximum RCF increment 100 ×g
Power (single phase) AC 110 V ~ 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 3A
Acceleration / Braking time 20s↑20s↓
Dimensions 225 x 245 x 140 mm
Weight 10.8 kgs

  • Plastic rotor- High strength, flame-retardant, impact resistant, chemical resistant
  • LED display - to view running process, error warning
  • Control knobs - adjusting speed and time
  • Run parameters can be adjusted after the set speed is reached
  • Self-diagnostic check: indicates accumulative running time and last running parameters
  • PULSE key- short spin function

Serial no.Device
1Door interlock
2Over-speed detection
3Over-temp detection
4Automatic internal diagnosis
Used for separation of platelet rich plasma, urea, serum and in hospitals for routine tests, also in research institutes.

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