Hematocrit centrifuge HC100Hematocrit centrifuge HC100

Hematocrit centrifuge HC100

Hematocrit centrifuge HC100 is a microprocessor controlled tabletop centrifuge with a speed of 12000 rpm. Features a 24-place microhematocrit rotor with precise control speed and time for efficient separation. Operation can be timed from 1 min to 99 minutes. Built-in provision for modification of parameters during the run.

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Maximum speed 12000 rpm
Maximum RCF 14800 x g
Maximum capacity 24-place microhematocrit rotor
Speed accuracy ±50 rpm
Time setting range 1 min to 99 min
Noise <65 dB
Power 250 W
Power supply AC 220 V ± 22 V 50 Hz 5A
Dimension ( W x D x H ) 265 x 335 x 220 mm
Weight 11 kgs

  • Speed – 12000 rpm
  • Controllable time and speed mode
  • Gentle braking at low speeds with efficient separation
  • Easy to read processing display and sound alert
  • Parameters can be modified during the run

Name of Rotor Maximum speed ( rpm ) Maximum capacity Maximum RCF ( x g )
R1 12000 12 places 14800 x g
R2 12000 24 places 14800 x g
R3 12000 36 places 14800 x g
Used to measure volume fractions of erythrocytes in blood and also for separation of different components of blood

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