Mini centrifuge MIC111Mini centrifuge MIC111

Mini centrifuge MIC111

Mini centrifuge MIC111 is a small laboratory centrifuge with a speed of 10000 rpm. Equipped with a cover press button for start / stop function with a clip on rotor for convenient rotor exchange. Integrated with rotor adaptation capacity of 6 x 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml rotor and 2 x 8 x 0.2 ml strip rotor.

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Maximum speed 10000 rpm
Maximum RCF ( Round rotor ) 5000 x g
Power AC 100 V ~ 240 V
Dimension 175 x 148 x 118 mm
Weight 0.7 kgs

  • Centrifugal speed - 10000 rpm
  • Cover press-button with start/stop function
  • On button press automated lid opening for one-hand operation
  • Quick release rotor tub for easy rotor exchange
  • Electronic braking system for rapid sample processing

Rotor Name Rotor Specification
RotorA1 6 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml
RotorA2 2 x 8 x 0.2 ml strip rotor
RotorA3 Slide rotor
Adapter Name Adapter Specification
AdapterA1 For 0.5 / 0.6 ml tubes
AdapterA2 for 0.2 ml tubes
Used for pelleting DNA and RNA samples, PCR amplified nucleic acids, separating antibodies and protein precipitates, enzymatic tests and removing cell debris
Accessory No Accessory
1) Allen wrench
2) Slide rotor

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