Electric Dialysis Chair KDC-A100

Electric Dialysis Chair KDC-A100 is a mobile three-function treatment chair cushioned with smooth and wide upholstery. Motorized motion of chair section with handset-controlled operation for various positional layouts. Rapid emergency CPR positioning allows quick and easy resuscitation care.

Electric Dialysis Chair KDC-A100
Seat Size 1800 x 580 mm
Seat Height 550 mm ~ 750 mm
Back Section Size 770 mm ~ 580 mm
Back-rest Angular Range Up to 70°
Seat Section Size 470 mm ~ 580 mm
Leg Section Size 380 mm ~ 540 mm
Leg-rest Angular Range 20° to 75°
Foam Thickness 6 cm
Arm-rest Swivel Range 0° to 270°
Arm-rest Size 500 mm ~ 160 mm
Arm-rest Tilt Up to 100 mm
Utility Tray ABS tray
Construction Steel-based structural frame
Upholstery Leather / Supebric
Maximum Patient Load 130 Kgs
IV Pole SS pole with 15 Kgs capacity
Wheels 3” lockable castors
Power Supply 100 V 50 Hz
240 V 60 Hz
Dimensions 1800 x 580 x 550 mm

Used in hospital blood-donation rooms, hemodialysis centers, OPD examination room for procedures like Blood donation, Dialysis, recovery after one-day surgery, IV therapy or patient examination.

  • Adjustable foot pedal extension
  • Adjustable Back-rest and Leg-rest lift
  • Swivel motion donor arm
  • Adjustable anti-skid utility tray
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