Haemoglobinometer KHG-A100

Abimed Haemoglobinometer KHG-A100 is assembled with the microcomputer with characters of intelligence, adjustable inletting and is reliable in function.

Haemoglobinometer KHG-A100
Measuring Range 0 - 240 g/L
Dilution Ratio 0.21597222222222
Testing Time < 4secs
Linear Range < 5 % FS
Standard Setting 0-240 g/L adjustable (integral multiple of ten)
Stability 1 g/l/hr (25±10 ⁰C)
Continuous Working Time ≥ 10 hrs
Sample Absorption 1-9 ml, ten grades adjustable
Voltage 220 V±10 %(50/60 Hz)
Power Rating <10 W
Humidity <85 %
Temperature 25±10 ⁰C
Air Pressure 86-106 kPa

Used to identify the of amount of Haemoglobin in blood.

  • The Haemoglobinometer can be controlled through microcomputer and is accurate in testing of Haemoglobin
  • It is easy to operate and convenient to use
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