Slide Stainer KSS-A101

KSS-A101 is a PLC controlled computerized stainer unit ensuring easy operation with a specimen slide throughput of 200 slides per hour. It features 26 stations (1 to 17 stations for reagent containers and 19, 21, 23 stations are water washing containers).Integrated with stepper motor and synchronous belt drive ensuring accuracy and balanced running of the unit.

Slide Stainer KSS-A101
Reagent Containers 600 ml
Specimen slide throughput 200 specimen slides per hour
Loading capacity 3 slides rack
Number of stations 26
Slide Rack Capacity 30 Specimen Slide
Distribution of station 0-unloading staining rack
1 to 17- reagent container
18,20,22-waiting container
19,21,23-water washing container
24-loading staining rack
Number of reagent stations 18
Number of Wash Stations 3
Number of Wait Stations 3
Oven Chamber Temperature From ambient temperature to 85 °C
Load/unload Stations 1 each
Incubation Time Setting 0 secs  to 9999 secs
Permanent Memory Capacity 5 programs, up to 24 program steps each
Operation Temperature Range 15 °C to 35 °C
Relative Humidity ≤ 90 % (+ 25 °C)
Voltage AC 220 V, 50 Hz
AC 110 V 60 Hz
Power 300 W
Dimension (W x D x H) 1200 mm × 500 mm × 600 mm
Weight 110 kgs

Used in hospitals, histology, pathology, scientific laboratories, research institutes for research, analysis, in-situ hybridization, PCR automation, etc.

  • PLC control computerized system
  • High throughput of specimen slices
  • Automatic reset function
  • Storage for five programs
  • Optional battery backup for power failure
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